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Election Board information on the PRwiss election 2024

The election of the Staff Council for Academic Employees at the University of Bonn (PRwiss) took place on 6.6.2024. It took many hours to count the votes, but now the results are available.

See the results of the PRwiss election here.

Staff Council of the Academic Employees (PRwiss)

Welcome to the website of the Staff Council of the Academic Employees at Bonn University (PRwiss)!

This Council is elected by you, the academic employees at Bonn University, and it currently consists of 21 representatives from different faculties, departments and central units of our university. We actively represent your interests and concerns as academic employees and support you with regard to many questions and developments that may affect you.

PRwiss News
Collective agreement TdL with Marburger Bund (March 24, 2024)

A new wage agreement has been reached for doctors at university hospitals.

Agreement and payment of inflation compensation

Current information on the collective agreement on 09.12.2023 can be found on the website of the NRW State Office for Salaries and Pensions (LBV NRW).




Academic Employees


Number of PRwiss Involvements in 2022

You have something to do with us!

You may not even know us or think that you've never had anything to do with us - but that's not true if you work in academia at the University of Bonn. We are usually active in the background when it comes to job advertisements, recruitment and other personnel measures. We also work closely with the university management and the administration on your behalf on issues such as "mobile working/teleworking", "mobility issues" or health management.

The representation of employees' interests is divided between various staff councils: There is the PR BTV (for technical and administrative employees of the university), the PRwiss (for academic employees of the university and the university hospital) and separate staff councils at the UKB for other employees of the university hospital. We cooperate with these staff councils on many overlapping topics while others are dealt with separately.

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The duties of Staff Councils are regulated in the LPVG NRW (Landes­personal­vertretungs­gesetz). They encompass "collective measures", which concern all employees, as well as "individual measure", which concern individuals personally.


We would like to bring to your attention some of the topics we are involved with.

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Mobile Working / Teleworking (DV MA/AT)

The first applications for MA/AT have to be renewed. You will find information in this regard in the Confluence area of the university administration (access via Bonnet or VPN)

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Abuse of Power

The specifics of universities and their inherent hierarchies are conducive to abuse of power.

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Internal Reporting Office

Since 1 December 2023, the University of Bonn has an Internal Reporting Office in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG).

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